Guillotine Creative Executions is very well versed in designing packaging that really resonates and engages specific target audience sets. Before we begin a project, our team firstly takes a detailed brief and delves into the important aspects that will affect how we design a packaging solution.

Our team will ascertain all of the parameters that will impact on the end-result, including details on the target audience, the retail environment in which the packaging will operate, and the brand values of the product or organisation to be communicated.

Guillotine always works closely with our clients to make sure that our packaging designs are on-brand and answer the brief, while at the same time being positive, appealing, memorable and unique in the wider marketplace.

Guillotine understand that through powerful packaging design, a specific product, brand range or service offering, can help attract new customers, maintain current sales levels, or help brand-shift the target audience towards the packaging we create. The end result is increased brand recognition and that often leads to increased sales as well.

The types of packaging we design cover the following categories: Beverages, consumer and trade electronics, fashion, food, point-of-sale, product, retail, and software.

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