Modifying, freshening or creating a corporate identity is a business imperative that sets the tone for all of the communication to follow. That's why this element of design is so important to get right.

When Guillotine Creative Executions establishes a corporate identity for a client it usually entails designing a vibrant look & feel that conveys the correct brand values, that can also be extended to a range of communication and operational tasks.

As a leading corporate branding consultancy, Sydney-based agency, Guillotine Creative Executions understands that corporate identity not only impacts on the way in which an organisation communicates its key messages, it also influences the types of media that are chosen to achieve it most effectively.

Communication elements that flow in harmony from good corporate identity design include the logo, advertising, letterheads, business cards, envelopes and invoices, outbound marketing collateral, internal communications, training, colour choices for offices... and even uniforms.

The Guillotine team is focussed on working together to set the goals and then kick them, so that the corporate culture of our clients is presented in the best possible light and leverages the strengths that each client has in the marketplace. Whether that is as a recognised brand leader, a benefit-driven niche provider, or as a new competitor that is priced right and is eager to please.

We have experience working on corporate identity across the following categories: beverages, consumer electronics, education, home construction, magazine publishing, scientific technology, and the transport services sector.