Creating clear and compelling communication collateral is an important part of the marketing mix as it is used to promote the specific advantages of the services and products that an organisation offers their primary target markets.

This collateral is used to launch, improve or develop the perception of products and service in the marketplace and as such, these pieces of communication must always be fully reflective of an organisationís corporate values.

The most popular types of collateral include brochures, posters, newsletters, catalogues promotional product sheets, folders, sales sheets, and websites. All of these pieces should be designed to align with the corporate values already established as well as positively portraying a companyís market offerings in the best possible light.

As a Sydney based branding specialist agency, Guillotine can work with your company to make certain that all of your collateral is designed to maximise the potential of each piece, and reinforce your brand values at the same time.

The benefits of ensuring that your branding is conveyed accurately on your collateral is that your brand remains easily recognisable to prospective clients and existing customers and helps portray the values and attributes for which your organisation stands. It works like having a bonus advertisement in each and every piece of communication that is produced.

We have experience on designing, writing, producing and printing collateral across the following categories: beverages, consumer electronics, education, home construction, magazine publishing, scientific technology, and the transport services sector.