Guillotine Creative Executions is a leading Sydney-based design agency with a wide depth of experience in designing, writing and producing catalogues that not only look great and get noticed, but sell products and services too!

Catalogues vary greatly and so does every brief that we receive, but all the projects we handle have one thing in common… an expectation of success over the agreed objectives. This is built on a strong track record in the field.

Achieving great results for our clients is not just something that happens by designing nice looking layouts in isolation - it takes teamwork and expertise. That's where our highly skilled retail communication specialists, high-skilled photographers. award-winning graphic designers and expert retail copywriters make a very big difference.

Guillotine can design and produce your catalogue with a high degree of consistency in keeping with the dynamics of your brand's ‘look and feel'. In this way, your sales messages reach the target audience with the maximum of brand relevance.

We believe the devil is in the detail. So we always make sure that correct logos, product photos, placement considerations, colours, type fonts are used, prices and condition are accurate, and compelling selling copy is supporting the visual elements of the catalogue with the overall goal of selling products or services for our clients.

We have experience in designing and executing lucrative catalogues for our clients across the following categories: beverages, consumer electronics, scientific technology, and the transport services sector.